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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

In the heart of our company's story lie two women united by a shared drive to make a difference and a deep-rooted commitment to family. We are bound together not only by our passion for helping others but also by our dedication to nurturing our roles as mothers. With over three decades of combined experience in our industry, we have cultivated a wealth of knowledge and resources, empowering us to establish a company poised to provide tailored solutions to a myriad of businesses. We are excited to channel our expertise into assisting others in their journey towards success, guided by our core values and fueled by our genuine desire to make a positive impact in the world.


Our Story

Welcome to 8:28 Management, a beacon of faith, love, hope, and dedication, rooted in the principles of perseverance and integrity, with a shared vision to uplift others. Gentry and Kim's journey began within the walls of their shared church, where a chance encounter blossomed into a profound friendship, ultimately leading them to forge a business together. Inspired by Romans 8:28, they named their venture as a testament to their belief that all things work together for good for those who love and serve a higher purpose.

Gentry, a devoted wife and mother of four daughters, brings a wealth of experience from her esteemed career in healthcare. From her tenure as a Chief Operating Officer at a prominent retirement community to her leadership roles in finance and operations, she has consistently demonstrated a passion for mentoring others, ensuring financial accuracy, and navigating complex challenges with unwavering resolve.

Meanwhile, Kim, a resident of Sunnyvale and mother of four, embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. With a track record of success in various ventures, from a cleaning company to an innovative edible shot glass enterprise, she has honed her skills as a business office manager, adeptly managing the books for multiple companies while delivering exceptional results. Kim's visionary mindset and creative prowess serve as catalysts for propelling businesses toward success.

As individuals, Gentry and Kim exemplify resilience and ingenuity. Together, they form a dynamic duo committed to leveraging their expertise to support and empower others on their journey to achievement. At 8:28 Management, their mission is not only to drive business growth but also to cultivate a community built on trust, collaboration, and unwavering faith in the greater good.

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Mission Statement

Guided by our faith, we provide exceptional business management and bookkeeping services that empower our clients to achieve their goals with integrity, transparency, and excellence.  We are committed to fostering lasting relationships built on trust, stewardship, and a shared commitment to ethical practices.



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